Publikationen Univ.-Prof. Dr. Konstantin Pollok




“Pollok’s book deserves close engagement; it is … uncommonly demanding, but it is also uncommonly rich.” (Yoon H. Choi, Notre Dame Philosophical Review)

“… readers will appreciate Pollok’s well-researched account of the unity of the critical philosophy and his explanation of how, on Kant’s view, we can be bound by norms. It is an important piece of Kant scholarship.” (Matthew C. Altman, Journal of the History of Philosophy)

Kant’s Theory of Normativity is a fascinating, outstandingly structured and extensive research into the core of Kant’s critical philosophy. Its all-encompassing perspective not only casts light on different problematic aspects of Kant’s thought but, most importantly, lets the reader realize how these different aspects are all traceable back to reason’s attempt to self-legislate its own demands.” (Luigi Filieri, Studi Kantiani)

“Konstantin Pollok’s Kant’s Theory of Normativity argues for the presence of an elaborated theory of normativity in the Kant corpus and especially in his critical philosophy. There is a scholarly side and a systematic side to the discussion. On the one hand, Pollok’s erudition and handling of the texts is impressive and one expects Kant scholars to be the book’s main beneficiaries. … On the other hand, Pollok raises questions that are directly relevant to the contemporary debate on normativity and offers Kantian theses and arguments as responses to those questions.” (Ioannis Trisokkas, British Journal for the History of Philosophy)


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