Master of Arts Turcology

The MA Turcology programme at JGU Mainz offers an advanced curriculum in general and comparative Turcology, including linguistics, philology and literary studies.

Right from the start it encompasses a complementary combination of the acquisition of advanced theoretical knowledge with the training of the corresponding applied methodological competences.

Accordingly each of the three consecutive linguistics modules consists in the acquisition of structural knowledge in a Turkic language (or alternatively a Mongolic or Tungusic language, depending on the concrete course schedule), a seminar on linguistic theory and methodology (which, depending on the topic, can encompass various subdisciplines like e. g. typology, dialectology and language contact, historical linguistics, grammaticalization, etc.) and a research-oriented seminar where specific working techniques in domains like field work, transcription, corpus linguistics, or quantitative methods can be trained in individual or group projects.


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Prüfungsordnung (Fachanhang)